Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This and That

From all over Sl , There are mnay goodies to be had if you only knwo where to look.. So today I bring you goodies from aroung the grid...

First stop.. Baby Monkey's Mall...... Join the group, which is NOW free to join, and get these fabulous dancers stillettos.... FREEE

Our Next stop , so hold on to yourselves.. is a place called Gothic Touch, all you have to do is touch subscribe on the board outside,

And this week's group gift is this awsoem piercing...... Has an eyebrow piercing, lip piercing and chin piercing in one set, and the other set is the brow , lip and nose stud,, (not Pictured.)

And if you go up the stairs to your right, you will find this Vampie Hanginging upside down .. for only 20L.. I thought it was great , so I got it.......It's really a neat place for all you Goth and Vamp fans out ther... POse ball 20L......(clothes NOT included)


Let, s check out another great place...... Called Zyba... I was aiting 3 days in order to come in here and get my name registered on their fantastic MM Board... For this Fabulous tripple nipple and belly and Clit piercing.... I soooo0oooo wanted it, and Finallly I got it . YEahhhhhhh.. I registered yesterday, and got my wonderful gifty this morn...

There are also 2 free gifts near the MM board for you , and there are 4 camping chairs on the main floor too.....



Next we have SYSY's and you have to go inside the store to your right on the wall you will find the Subscribo, just touch and then you are in.. Look in History and you can get this dress.. Absolutely Gorgeous huh ?

Also on the shelf by the Subscribo, is a wonderful Bag of goodies for 1L.... So make sure that you grab that too, and the scenerey outside is amazing, one must certaily go wander around and check it out......Contains a little black dress, and a light blue lingerie outfit and 3 pair of stockings.. Very well done package for only 1L..(not pictured)
Hair is from the Freebie SHop..
Belly chain free from Unique Needs, packaged in the big 12 Days os Christmas Box in the Corner.. BOX IS FREEEEEE and has a TON of Goodies for men and women in it ... I mean TONS!!!!!!!!! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kali%20Isle/199/241/37
Shoes are also from Unique .. 125.L for them though... Sorry They were NOT FREE


We head to Wollstonecraft Place nexyt for another exciting group gift.....

A lovely green striped silk sorset top , very sexy huh ?

Also make sure you grab the FREEE gifty by the door.. Its a huge.. Biggg, giant fake mustache. heheheh Very funny ....



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