Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Goodies Galore

It's really nice when I log on in the morning and get a lot of wonderful tips of free goodies as well as Dollarbies.. We can all use that huh?.. Well this morning's first stop is at Donna Rose.....

Under the tree inside the front door and to your right, are 2 boxes with some goodies in them..

One is a Christmas gift .. FREEEEE

The other is the New Year's Gift ...1L.......

Then as you enter further into the store you can find many more gifts on the table as well.. ANd a lovely pair of Black lace up boots for 10L next to the table..

Which of course I got.. they look really good with the New Year's outfit....
All gifts on the table are 1L.. and are worth it as well.... Very nicely put together ...

Not sure which gift is where , but in this box you can find this absolutely sexy swimsuit..

This gift box holds 2 gorgggy dresses.. one is a Pink Tafta dress....

The other is a ruby velvet dress

Next we have a wonderful place called Lamonte's
Just click on Lamonte and recieve your FREEEEE gift ..

Pictured below are the cute little shirts that you get ......





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