Monday, January 12, 2009

Dollarbie and Freebie Central

In my travels, I have found this wonderful place called... and Inside on the upper deck portion you can find all of these awsome little goodies for FREEEEEEEEEEE

Shoes for the MEN.. FREEEE

A Sexy blue houndstooth blue coat for FREEEEE for you ladies out these.. I thought that this was remarkably adorable.. So of course I got it.. Looks great with a pair of jeans...

Sexy little tee for the ladies.... FREEEEE

And for all you wonderful Pot heads out there.. hehehhehehehe This adorable Hemp leaf Tee.. Of course for FREEEEE. I got this one too.. But I guess it could be for the guys as well..... It looks versitile enough...if guys dont mind flowers ..hehehehehehehe

And this cute red outfit..........which will match the glorious red heels Free from Peppermint Blue..... (Previously posted..)
Are you into Brittany? Well obviously this wonderful creator is... Just take a look around her store and see what she has to offer..... And believe me.. There are some really wonderful things to be at Ash's Trash.. WOOT
Cute Casual.. 1L
You still Love 1L
Red Stripes 1L
Pink 1L
Baby Blue 1L
Butterfly 1L
And tons of goodies like earrings, bracelets, and wrist bands all for 1L
So come on down and see for yourself all the sexy Brittany goodies in store ...
Sexy shoes for 1L in the Fashion District as well......... You will also find about 5 boxes located below the shoes for just 25L each...... They contain a variety of goodies, so If you are interested, I thought I'd let you know..

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