Thursday, April 30, 2009

This and That

Sorry I havent been here for a few days ... RL.. Emergency.. But all seems to be better.. So on to the blog , and the freebies, and more.. Woot...... I normally dont do the TOday Only stuff, but this is an exception, becasue this out fit from Lemania, really kicks ass...... And its only 1L.... And the shoes are 1L as well..... So if you like this wonderfull gold piece of art, worn upon your sexy bod, please come and pick it up today.. Today only .. 24 hours, then going, going, gone......... 1L for the outfit.. 1L for the shoes.. Total.. 2L... woot... Come and get it NOw.............


Also while we are on a trek around the Grid l,ooking for this and that , I popped into the Dubya City Sim and decided to take a stroll around the shops by the sea.. And strolled right on into Sd Wears, and saw this Amazing Lady Bug Costume on the MM Board.. And just had to add my name.. Yepp.. Its up ther..... Im registered, so Hopefully by midnight all 100 names will be up ther, and the prize will be dispensed.. Woot... If u like it come add your name......

After that I just went Lm hopping through my inventory and came across Braveheart Estates.... Where you can grab this sexy little outfit on the MM Board.. FREEEEEE.

Or grab this cute little outfit , or barely ther outfit for 1L..... called Harness.....


I will Not lie when I say that I really like the unique and wacky stuff here at Hogwash....
So please excuse me, if you do not.. hehehe. here in teh Lucky chair.. you can get this really cool Neko tail with 9 emotes.... FREEEE.. Just take your turn and patience always pays off....... Or

you can snag this eally cool trampoline called Neck breaker.. I got luck with a wild card round and snagged it.. Cant wait to set it up and have some fun...

Hehehheheh.. Come on over to Rock Me Amadeus, and grab this pack of sexy shirts for 1L... they are hot, Silky and very Sexy......1L..


Sexy and New lingerie added to the Mm Board here at Quality Hangions.....
and OMG head upstairs to the room in the back, the one beyond the Bidding wall, and you can find this really cool harness, for 1L.. I thought that this was unique, and quite naughty.. heheh, I like it.. heheheheh So I got it...... 1L.......

Or you can also get this shredded outfit for 1L.......

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shoe hunt from Vinyl

Copied just for you......(The Vinyl Cafe has a brand new Treasure Hunt that starts TODAY just for members of The Vinyl Cafe Addicts Group! Not a member? Join today! It's easy and it's FREE. Just touch the group joiner sign at The Vinyl Cafe or search for us in groups.
Now you're ready to start hunting!
All over the Vinyl Cafe Shops and the Dominion Fashion District you'll find hidden treasure chests filled with freebies! All of the Treasures in this hunt are high quality and super fashionable stilettos and boots! Many of the stiletto sandals feature prim toes and feet, and gorgeous designer details like bows, buckles, flowers, and spikes. Come and grab all 10 pair of these hot shoes and boots in a rainbow of colors for spring.
Be sure to have your Vinyl Cafe Addicts tag activated and just click on the little treasure chests you find hidden all over The Vinyl Cafe sim and The Dominion Fashion District.)

Can u collect all 10 Pair?

Look in both Lm's to find all 10 pair..... I found them all, but I think Sl ate a pair becasue I can't seem to find it now, but I know I got them all.. heheheheh Here are the pics....


Sunday, April 26, 2009


Woot.. Lots of Great stuff for you today.. Im getting a late start all becasue I had fun with the kiddies today..... Took them to Worlds Of Fun in Kansas City.. Woot.. And it was a blast.....So , now that Im back , I shall bring you all up to date on some great goodies from around Sl.. Starting here at Nadas.... Now remeber,, you must wear your Nadas tag or the Fashion's R Us tag in order to get this Wonderful Pink goodie.... FREEEEEEEE .


Then Popping on over to the ICED Mainstore you can get these FAbulous accessories for FREEEEEEEE...And there are quite a few.. So enjoy the pics.. All Are FREEEEEEE

Then after that you can head on over to Flashpoint Fashions, home of the great cheerleading Uniforms, and actually get your name up on the Mm Board for this tight fitting beauty.. However, I got ther too late and it was already Locked, So Ill try again in a day or so.. woot.. You can get it FREEEE, just slap the baord and make sure your name is up ther........ It dispenses the goodie to u at Midnight if the daily quota has been met......


Care for some sweets anyone? Well if thats the case.. jump on over to Sweet and pick up these 2 wonderful shirts for FREEEEEE one sits on the table , the other on the floor, both are in bags and freeeeeee.....


Stopping in at fairy Tail to pick up another accessory, For 1L.. this time .. is this cute little belly piercing.... 1L........... Lm Should land u just in front of it .....

Hair today gone tomorrow.. heheh.. here at Kc Creations.. You can get this sexy hair , comes in 6 colors for only 10L.. Yep thats right peoples.. 6 colors.. 10L... So hurry on in and grab that hair.. Not sure when the deal ends.. So hurry....


Saturday, April 25, 2009

What's the Buzz

Hey alllllllll.. Do u hear that buzing going on in the background.. hehehe.. Its all the littel busy bees working on putting this amazing Blog together for you today .. With TONS of pics and Tons of freeeebies and Dollarbies, I hope you enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed finding all these wonderful goodies for you ........ Whats the Buzz? Take a look..Starting of with Concrete Flowers..... with some great weekly dollarbies ther....

A Complete outfit for 1L and A really cute pair of jeans for 1L

A whole group of gloves for 1L and 2 pair of flapper girl earrings for 1L each .. Woot...


Moving on to the next bunch of goodies, you only need to walk next door to Kosh....where you can get a unisex skin for 1L each..

or this really awsome looking skull shoulder bag for 1L...

Dont forget about the dollarbie and freebie section here at Kopsh just to the right of the lucky chair......... Woot .. tons of goodies already

Travelling further , we are going to pop into Fs.. / Also known as Fine Smith Jewelry And you can get you name up on that MM Board to get this really nice Bindi jewel...

Or you can take a chance at the lucky chair that changes every 5 minutes for a chance to win one of these great prizes..

Or while you are ther lookign around and need 30 minutes to clean out some inventory, grab a shopping bag and camp for 30 minutes for a chance to get another great goodie...Just click the big shopping bag sitting next to the lucky chair, and then look in your inventory to find the shopping bag, click wear , and away you go.. 30 minutes and Viola...... freebie.. hhehehhehe And OMG..... Did I mention the wonderful sale section that is ther? Here are some great goodies just for you... All pics below are 1L. each

And!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since we are here.. If you join the group you can pick up these wonderful freeebies.........


Yeahhhhh another wonderful Dollarbie pose, from Striking Poses..... and if you havent gotten the latest from them , you can grab all the dollarbie poses as well.... as they are all together it wont be hard to miss .....POses.. 1L each on rack only


After we get our fill poses like a celeb.. we can head on over to Bejambled Skins and pick up a freebie skin , called Jessibelle/ special addition skin FREEEEEEE

And a dollarbie skin called Jessibelle / brown freckles... 1L ....


And lastly before I logg of for a while you can get this sexy Plumage outfit from the MM Board here at IC Designs.... Freeee. Just egt your names up on the Mm Board.. Woot.. Its that easy......