Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lets take a Journey....

Hehhehehe, and believe it or not... My first stop tonight is Journey. So lets have a look a look and see what we find.. Shall we?

this is one of the many skin options and what it looks like on me ...

Thanks to my darling friend Minerva, whom I also work with at Club Destiny, I was able to pick up this set of FREEEEEE skin.. And to my astonishment...... It is a complete skin pack, with TONS, of awsome looking skins.....its name is...( party)heheheheh

Next we have this cute FREE book..... not sure what it really does , but it was freeeee

After that I went looking to see what else I could find, and I found these sexy little Zebra striped Stilletos...... And you know me and shoes.. GOtta have them and what better way than to get them than FREEEEEE..

As you enter the store at the landind point there is A bunch of little packages all wrapped up in bowns and ribbons, but really nopt sure what they really have inside, other than left over Christmas goodies.. They are 10L each..... So if you want to gamble and take a chance Go for it.. ANd have a wonderful time..

Also instore is this really cool looking Lucky chair.... You might get luckier than I dd, as I didnt have the patience tonight for standing around.. Sorry all....


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