Friday, July 31, 2009

From here to ther

All over Sl today are many many many goodies, freebies and Dollarbies, and specials,, And since I am here , I will bring to you what I have found.. So .. Lets get to it , without further babble, Haven Designs has a wonderful New silk in the lucky board fro all .. Take a chance, and see if you get lucky ...
And this is the new Lucky Tribe redemption gift.. Just redeem your ticket(s) and this can be yours..


If you like some sexy Jewelry, come on in to GeWunjo for these 2 wonderful Dollarbies.....

one in gold, and one in silver.. 1L each.. And take the time to look around.. There are some very sexy goodies in the store,


When I logged in I was sent some info on an MM Board for a fully furnished Skybox.. I usually dont do Sky Boxes, but this one was AWSOME... The catch is.. 500 slaps are needed to make your dreams come true .. Lmao Check it out.... Also some freeeebies for guys and girls sitting in wait on the table / bench up ther near the MM Board as well... So come check it out..... And slap that Board till it screams .. lol...........

You wont believe the goodies packed inside these wonderful FREEEEEEEbie boxes.. Here are a few pics of whats inside.. many more goodies inside.,..... here's for the guys , just a few of the goodies inisde ........
Here are some of the wonderful goodies inside the Ladies, Freebie Box.....


Feeling Irresistible ?

I am feeling very Irresistible today.. heheheh .. And thanks so very much for one of my wonderful readers, for pointing out the fact that she found a table full of wonderful goodies, I just had to blog, So thank u so very much Shelby for your hard work and interest in sending me the info.. Kisses darling...

Here at Irresisible, you can find these 2 wonderful FREEEEEEEEEEbies, clearly marked freee, sitting on the table, , and surrounding them, are these wonderful Tenerbies..heheh These 2 are FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE

each of the below outfits are 10L each.. So come on in and check them out and grab them while you can......... These pictures below are 10L each .....


She Devil at HO

You all know that I have been following HoWear Goodies / Freeebies and posting them M-F.... Because they are HOT and worth the daily Blog, and Today, Friday, Being No exception.. She Devil is Hot , sexy , and worth more than a Freeebie, but hey, Since it's FREEEEEEEEEEEEE ONLY TIL 8PM TONIGHT.. You need to come in and grab this hotty while you can.. You dont wanna get burned and miss this one.... heheheheh I'm so clever, I make myself laugh.. heheh Hurry .. you only have til 8pm tonight to snag this beast..... Woot.....


Thursday, July 30, 2009


While I was at Grimorie, Darling Gwin told me about this place with some really cool looking FREEEEEEEEEE hair, so I had to come on over and check it out.... So here I am .at Sindy's Hair Lab. and here are some really cool FREEEEEEEEEE hair styles, just for you....... FREEEEEEEEEEE there are only 6 of them I think, on the other side you get free hair bases for the hair.... So even though it loks all the same... Each box on the left has a different hair style and color..... Come check it out...

Sabrina, blond

Linda , blond color change

Brittany HAir

Helena Hair

Belinda Hair

Linda Flexi hair Black and white

And make sure you grab the Freeeeeeee pair of Black sculpted boots in the store as well.....



Sari"s Is a place I havent visited in a while either, so Today I went back to see what was new and interesting, and found this wonderful outfit for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEe sitting in the corner.. Its quite lovely and well worth grabbing while you can.......


DP Designs. has an amzing outfit for the LAdies, called, Punk Ass Princess.. I luv the name, and its great.. So come on in and slap the Mother F***ing MM Board, and grab this awsome piece.. It's terrific..... and its FREEEEEEEEE only if the quota is met by midnight.. So hurry on in and get you some....

Grab the freebie shirts as well on the floor in a box..


And I cant Ever Forget my Darling Dwin, here at Grimorie.. WHY? Becasue she just told me about this FAbulous 10L skin she just made, and I had to buy it too....... You guys.. This skin also comes with the tattoos, and its amazing.. The texture, the details, the lips are purely kissable....... Very sexy for sure.......

And another wonderful new Freeeebie shirt as well she just put out..... So come on in and check this place out.. You will fall in love with it just like I did...... Dwin is Talented at what she does, Im a HUGEEEEEEEE fan... Kisses Dwin...


Around Town

Well, I hope today will NOT be as busy of a day as it was for me yesterday in Rl.. heheheheheh Anyway.. Lets get styarted on these wonderful goodies for you today ....... I logged on this morn, and got this really cool notice about the newest Dollarbie here at Prism Haute Couture, and I had to run over and grab it while I could .. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh... This sexy outfit comes with everything you see here, well Not the hair or the skin, but the clothese that you see.,.... 1L So hurry on in and grab it while you can...........

And Since I was already in the area, I just walked down the Street to the Fashion District, and decided to check out the lucky chairs outside the Glam Couture store.. So come and check them out


Next Stop is Pocket Mirrors for the awsome hair of the week, this time for Guys and one for the girls..... well its unisex actually...... So make sure to grab your other half(if their is one available, ) or friends, and grab these beauties while you can.. Woot.. HAir today gone tomorrow. heheheh I just made funny...... LMAO .. Sorry.. Im in a great mood today.. How about you?1L each

LAst for right now, is She's So Unusual Shoes, where you can get this really cool pair of shoes for free , Just slap the Mm Board, and they can be yours by midnight tonight......

Also a free pair of NOOB slippers in the entry way FREEEEEEEEEEE, these are really cute and really funny.... I had to have them.. heheheheheheheh



This outfit for sure has to be one of the greatest I have seen yet, as it portrays a true IRS agent.. LMAO.. Right down to the pencil in mouth, and the calculator.. I really luvvvvvvvvv this one.... And it too can be yours for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ONLY TIL 8PM TONIGHT...... Right here at HoWear.

So come on in and grab this sexy hot IRS outfit while you can.....


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Little bit of Everything

Yeahhhhhhh, some wonderful Sexiness going on al over the grid tonight, and being Hump day for most, it will make the rest of the week go by a little faster.. So shall we take a journey and see what we can find.....?. Stop 1...... here at NADAS for this weeks wonderful group gift , Freeeeeeee .. Just wear the Nadas group tag or the Fashions R Us group tag and get it for freeee......

Stop #2 ius here at the Monkey Mall, with a new store inplace, called JD and I went looking, just because it w as new, and I found one lucky chair up on the second floor, (take the UP to get to it..) chair changes every 10 minutes

And I also found these 5 wonderful sexy lingerie sets for 5L each....


And I think I am going to stop right here at the Lucky chair spot of Sl.. Woot.. Tons of Lucky chairs, and a whole bunch of newness in them all.. So come on in and check them out ....... It's worth it just to take a look....

Take some time to enjoy the lucky cupcake where you might get lucky enough to win this sexy outfit

Or try the Lucky dip, for this very nice gown.......