Monday, July 27, 2009

Grim Camping

Hey all...... I must makew a slight correction on one of my posts.. A few days back I blogged some wonderful goodies here at Grimorio, but completely Forgot to check up stairs, where it was poiinted out to me that there is this very HOTTTTTTT freeeeeeeeee outfit in the camping chair..... And ...... the catch...... you only sit for 10 minutes to get it , NOT 30 or more at most places...... Woot...........So come on in and check it out ..

And I was also informed " and I remind you my prize chair in Germania darkside (main), Rue d'Antibes and the new one at Blue zone." quoted right from the notecard...... So here it is as well... I hope u all enjoy the goodies.. i do..... plus check out these wonderful FREEEEEEEEE shirts for the men and the women......

and the last location.. yeahhhh 3 wonderful places to camp for 10 minutes each for a freee outfit.. Yeahhhhhhhhh

So now.. if you go to camp for this outfit and the chair is already occupied, you can tp to one of the other locations.. Yeahhh.. Have fun everyone....

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