Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grid Wide Goodies

Hey ther everyone.. Just popping in all around the grid and grabbing some wonderful Freebies for you all today... So do u feel like taking a trip with me? Lets see what we can find... First stop is Panda Eyes, where they are having a wonderful sale on selected items, you might want to check them out, and grab this FREEEEEEEEEEbie while you are ther....


Second stop ,here at AVENUE you can find at the landing point this free set of remarkable, but out of the ordinary skin set.....

As well as this free tribal necklace.... Very cute, and I made sure I grabbed them both ... You never know when you might need these things

Head on over to Chanpagne when you are done ther, and pick up this Wonderful Freeeebie outfit sittting in a little gift bag right inside the entrance..

If you stop here at Puddles, you can grab these 2 wonderful Bags for 1L each.. plus the other stuff in the store is totally worth checking out, so come on in and have a look...


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