Saturday, July 25, 2009


Hey ther everyone... Tonight I thought I would do something a littel bit different.... I went through my Picks in my profile, and then hopped from place to place to see what kinds of wonderful goodies lie in wait for me to snag.... So here are a few goodies for you, if you ahve these places in your picks.. If not just add them and come back the next day to grab your rewards....... Lets start off with my all time Favorite Pick place, and that is here at Prim & Pixel..... where you can get yourself this MARVELOUS, FREEEEEEEEEEE, Hawian Hula outfit .. Yeahhhhhh.. called Tropical Heat Wave.. sounds very sexy if you ask me....

Next on my list was Thalia's Fashion, where IF you have this place in your pics, you can score another very sexy Hot pink outfit for FREEEEEEEEEEE.... Dont have them in your pics? Well add them , and come back the following day to claim your prize.. Trust me, it's worth it, when these gifts change weekly .. You can get a lot of wonderful things.....


Then we are off to Visit the Garden Of Ku, which just happens to be wild and unique all in it's own right.. And I sooooo luv the wonderful weekly goodies it has fore all of the pics members... Check this outfit out.. Sexy huh ? and FREEEEEEEEE.. Just add to your picks, and see what else you are in for..


After thet we head to Exile, where you can snatch this beautiful hair for free if you have them in your pics........ Its sooo worth it...... I just love changing hair every now and again... Keeps peoples on their toes, and all.... Keeps them guessing.. hehehehhe I like to be different once in a while, so hair helps out alot .....


Almost done.. hehehehehe Here we stop at Rebel Hop e for 2 wonderful Pics Reward gifts.. Ther is this lulee pink gown, and matching shoes...... Wow.. Did you just get lucky or what? I did .. hehehheh Add theis place to your pics, and thee too can be yours.... (********normally takes at least 24 hours for the pics rewards to kick in, so if you cant get them this day, come back the next... )


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