Saturday, July 11, 2009


woot.. We are on the move again , but this time bringing you some wonderful goodness from the Cinderella . lost slipper hunt... So buckle those seat belts, hold on to your hats, cause we are gonna let the magic go to work and we are flying fast all over sl.. woot.... Gotta Luv Cinderelly

First stop is Slipper gift #14.. with this awsome slipper jewelry set.. find the slipper get the jewels for FREEEEEEEEE..


Next stop is ... Sweeter than Candy ....Woot, with soo many goodies That I didnt know where to start.. hehehe.. But I found the slipper #15....... heheheheheh

Here is the MM Board Goodie..

And here are some wonderful outfits tucked inside the 3 Lucky chairs on the second floor of Sweeter Than Candy.. woot... And they are all sweet too.. hehe and free.. Can you get lucky......? I won the yellow and green outfit on a wild card while I was ther.. Guess I got lucky tonight huh ?


Playing around I found some really cool goodies here at Hop Scotch...... And I thought i would share them with you as well.... Starting with the lucky board upstairs.... you can grab this sexy orange outfit for Freeeeeee if u r lucky ..... I was not .... but i got the blue version on a wild card just before leaving the store.. woot.....

Also check out the MM Boards down on the first floor at the foot of the stairs.....

Also ther you can find the Lucky tribe board with this goodie on it ...

And upstairs u can grab all these wonderful dollarbie outfits, yeahhhhh So many goodies all in one spot .. while looking for the lost slipper.. yeahhhhhhhh
Everything pictured below is 1L each......

Here is the outfit from the slipper.. woot.. How cute is this.. Comes with the shoes too.... FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE/.. just find the lost slipper.. And it can be anywhere.... Slipper #18


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