Friday, July 10, 2009


Yeah.. I had soooo much fun on the trip to Florida that I cant wait to show you all some pics.. But in the mean time I have a lot of catchin g up to do.. So let me get to it, and bring you all some wonderful goodies, from all over Sl.... Woot...... R U READY ? Ok.. here at Thalia's.. we have many freebies for you all..... Starting off with the profile pics reward gift, in hot sexy pink....... Just add Thalia's to your pics, and get this awsome outfit for FREEEEEE.. (adding any place to your pics will normally take 24 hours here in Sl...) Is best to come back the next day and try it again, after you have added the store to your pics....

Next is some awsome goodies for FREEEEEE in the lucky chairs outside the store.. to the right side if you are interested...

Then we have some sexy goodness on the MM Boards inside the store......and with 5 Mm Boards with sexiness on them, its Hard NOT to slap them silly..... 3 of them were already locked down for today.. I guess I'll have to try again tomorrow.. hehehehe

And finally we have some very HOTTTTTT freebie Group gifts.. (you must be a member of Thalia's in order to get the gifts.. You can join in store and get your goods that same day.. the same minute.. hehehehe Anyway......... Hop e you all enjoy taking a look around too, becasue ther are many things to get , and many things to grab for a fraction of the price if you knwo where to look .. hehehehehe..


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