Monday, July 13, 2009

Elate Goodies

Ok. As we are still prowling the grid looking for the slipper, I am bringing you tond of goodies from all over, woot.. I hope you are liking what you see ........ Please let me know if you are...... Anyway... We are here again at Elate, but this time ther are many things to see, and get.. heheheheh Starting off with this Slipper gift #36, which is this cute little black dress.... Freeeeee just find the slipper.. and this time it;s yellow.. (hint).. hehehheheheheheh

Next we have about 5 wonderful freebies for you all on the wall.. Just have fun ........

And then you can snag this cute dress in the lucky chair that sits beside the freebie section....

Since you sre right next to BINGO, to the left of the freebie section (and a very small store), make sure to check out the 2 freebies by the entry way.. one is a box of poses.... and the other is this really cute dress.. FREEEEEEEEEEEE

(hair was in the Passionate Neko, BTH hunt gift #104... one piece of a complete outfit)

(skin was a group gift from Appearance.. which I just got today) subscribo gift I believe,,,,,,,


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