Sunday, July 12, 2009

Snatch this

Good morning all you sexy peoples, you all need to come on over to Snatch and take a look around.. There are these awsome goodies in the lucky chair for anyone to snag...chair changes every 5 minutes too..... Hope you get lucky .....

and ther is a lucky fortune right next to it too....with this awsome outfit FREEEEEEEEE

And last but not least.... If you like to fish and just wanna chill for a while, you can spend some time sitting on the bench , and try fioshing for this sexy outfit.... U must have a 7 Seas fishing pole in order to fish for this outfit though..........has 15 pieces... Woot... Thats a good outfit ..... Just make sure you go fishing in the designated fishing spot in order to get the sexy outfit piece by piece... heheh good luck.....


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