Wednesday, September 30, 2009


One thing I luvvvvvv to do is bring a lot of pieces to gether , covering so many different varieties of stuff to keep you all interested, and coming back for more.. So here is a bunch of pieces from all over.. Pleas enjoy and have a good evening...
A brand new, profile pics gift here at Prim & Pixel ......very hottttttt ...very sexyyyyyy, and freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. just add them to your pics, and get the gift.. can take up to 48 hours to process, so please be patient,,, The pics gifts are ALWAYS amazing ..........


Goody from Chaos... info u need to know ...................My store was supposed to be in the Halloween gridwide hunt, however I decided to drop out of it for lack of organization. I already had the freebie made, so please come and get it. Its a devilish skin in male and female.

Come and grab it up ladies and gents..... Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Plus... check out the lucky chairs....

And make sure to slap that sexxxxxay MM Board, for this tail and ear set w/ boots too


(AB) VIP Group ...for thos who wish to be in the group, no fees now ^·^
There will be two gifts a month

Gifts from last month and from now on will go to lucky board that is set for group. So in case someone missed a group gift or just joined the group, they will have the chance to get all group gifts from lucky boards
Midnight mania board will have the target set at 70 people

Guess and win will stay

MobVend will stay and will be set to hit the lowest price when 7 people are around
Fishing will stay, for those who do 7seas fishing, I will add new items from now and then
Profile pick reward will stay, for those who have/will have Aniri's Boutique to their profile
picture will receive gifts by clicking the profile prize reward

First gift for this month is already in pick room, just wear your group tag and touch it

3 new wonderful items upon the Mm Boards here at Sho Gun/ Cuppy Cake.. So come on in and slap away, if you see something that you like ..........


The Sound Of Silence

Just a little note I thought you all should read brfore getting to all the hunt gifts/ goodies..

Hello everyone,the Love/Hate team is celebrating the blog's first birthday and has organised a hunt within the Sound of Silence Sim lasting until halloween. You are searching for pigheads that are filled with gifts and 1L dollarbies from various designers. :WhoNose: has three pigheads for 0L out. Two of them containing special colours of the unisex T-Shirts with "Pirateship" and "In hiding" motive. One of them containing a special colour of my neweset release "Ragged".Happy hunting! Rarurick Ragu.....

So shall we go and see whats up.. And see what we can find ?

Yummy pig heads.. woot.. I found quite a few.. here are all the gifts I found.. I hope you enjoy them as well. they are 0-1L.... not sure which ones were which as they are all over the Sim.. Happy hunting.......

we have clothes...... from Hose Nose, and Blue Blood , and Skin Shane , and skins.... from Tacky Star and Miasma , and objects... from RIPE , and FD Decor, and poses, and more.. jewelry, and still more .....................Come and find them all......

Here is a taste of whats out ther.....


Time for a new Watch?

Needing a really good pocket watch, but are strapped for cash? Well look no further...... You can get this one for free,,, and it comes in a duo pack .. hehe so you really get 2 .. So come and grab one while supplies last .. hehehehehehehe
And ther are also 3 more freebies inside the store located on teh floor .. So come and check them out .. All freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehere at Angel Eve.... The Christmas place, hehehehe with pumpkins galore all around.


Wicked Wednesday Finds

Bringing you some wonderful items from Sweet Leonard & Needful Things.. These 4 items yoiu can get on the table near the Lucky chairs.. for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE..

Then if you wanna stand around and wait,, You can grab these awsome items from the Lucky chairs... Wheich seem to be going fairly fast this morning.. The place is packed.. due to these awsome new horns just put out......


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Witches at RBZ

Well all.. you know its that time of year, and the witches just start appearing out of no where.. hehehehehe And here at RBZ its No different.. Come on in and grab up your free, .. yess FREE witches outfit now.....

And while you are here, why dont you slap those MM Boards.. One for the ladies..

and one for the sexxxxay men of Sl.. these pants rock.... hehehehehehehehe

And try your hand at the lucky board too since you are already ther.. good luck everyone....


Shopping NADAS

Well as you all can see. I am on a roll tonight and cant seem to get enough, So I am out and about and here at NADAS, where you can get some wonderful items tonight..... First up is the freebie group gift of the week.. which is a lovly knit outfit......

But you can also get this cute Bumble bee costume for FREEEEEEEEEEEEE. Just head upstairs, it's located right behing the freebie of the week.......

And ther is also an awsome deal going on as well.. You can pick up this sexy little outfit for only 10L.. So come on in an d check out the goods.........

MAke sure to slap the Mm Board on your way out the door... Something Sexy this way comes.. heheheheheheheheh


Sexy The ElaCor way

I popped on over to ElaCor, where I found this very sexy outfit whitch included, skin, and boots for only 20L.. Its New so only for a limited time.. So hurry.. You wont want to miss this one.. only 20L.........


This pink Rose outfit is listed at only 9L.... and its upstairs.. ther is a whole discount area to wade through, and the items / outfits are amazing.......

I am having so much fun shopping here today .....This sexy Viola Blu is listed at 12L......

Molly is listed at 5L....

And this sexy outfit is listred at only 12 L as well..

And this awsome outfit is only 10L..

So come on in nd take a looksee around.. You might find a whole lot more to your liking... and your wallet.. heheheheheh
There are some dollarbies up stairs as well. Located near the stairs.. So happy hunting, shopping, and fun.....

Make sure to check out the Lucky Boards which are located downstairs at the tp landing point.. you cant miss them.. Good luck and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day .......