Monday, September 21, 2009

Skin Tight

Hey all you wonderful peoples.. I just recieved this notecard and thought you all might like to share in teh goodness too... Here at Skin Tight you can get , this Fabulous.. and I mena FAB ULOUS.. skin fat pack here in the lucky Chair.. and well worth it too.. Just take a look and you will melt with envey.. Its darling... and I for one am here stalking that chair.. waiting for my turn as is many other.... So come on in and see how lucky you can be........ Chair changes every 10 minutes.....

Also in store are these New and improved.. jean shorts.. for only 1L......... sitting beside the Lucky chair on the floor in a box.....

And if you join the subscribo, you can get yourself this..... a 5-pk skin tone, with eye web.. woot.. perfect for Halloween or any ocassion you wish.. woohoo..... and freeeeeeeeeee


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