Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Accessoize on a budget

Hey all.. Since I am on this themed blogg today I guess We are going to do groups of different things.. So here goes one for the Accessories in your life.. Starting out with this Awosme bat necklace,, Absotuly FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.. come and grab one today .... here at Nomad Designs


We are accessorizing.. heheh ANd another sexy pair of earrings just for me.. Yess they have little shoes on them.. Just perfect for my shoes luvvving persona. hehe come and get them here at Enkythings .. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well what good is an outfit with oout the right pair of shoes.. They are acessories as well..... heheh and you all know how I feel about shoes.. woot.. hehehe So come on in to B FAshions and slap the Mm Board for this really cool pair of Zebra print ribbon shoes.. woot....

and since you are here, these shoes, might look good with this outfit that you can grab for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE in a bag at the front doors......


And here at MiLady Fashion you can try your luck at some very sexy accessories..... here in one of 4 lucky chairs...... Hope you all get luckier than I did....... heheheheheehheh

Plus.. IF you join the group..... a cost of 100L... you cna get these fabulous goodies.. for men and wonen......

And just for joining the group.. Fill out the notecard, on the group joiner sign, and get either one of these rings.. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE..


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