Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hey all.. yessss, HoWear is still here in Sl.. They have just moved to a better location, and apparently a lot less lag as well.. So come on in nad check it out, and make sure you all grab the daily Freeeeeebie.. You know the drill...... I pulled this out of Heidi's Profile, ..............
The FREE outfit is onlly free until 8 pm the day i put it out..unless otherwise stated ♥No advertizing at the store or in the group chat... ♥no inventory offerings to others unless they know what it is.... ♥PLEASE ♥♥♥ do not ask me to give you an outfit you have missed..... It is very hard to say no, and it makes me feel like crap... if you can't get it, there will always be more.... ♥Be respectful towards others at the store or in the group...

Here is Todays Wonderful FREEEEEEEEEE gift..


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