Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Weird Wednesday ...

Weird Wednesday ..... I t does feel soo soo soo weird todya.. Not sure why, but I think its got soemthing to do witrh the weather.. heheheheheh Its not to hot, and Not too cold, and actually feels like a fall day.. Kind of weird, but luvvvving it.. But anywayzzzzz... Let's move on as Im sure you are wondering what is in store for you today.. heheh First up is the Freeeeebie of the week here at G&N Quality..... its quite a very sexy dress.... So come on in and grab it while you can.


One should NEVER forget the sexyyy goodness located here at Crave, because one look at the awsomeness within, will ALWAYS, have you craving for more, and you WILL keeep coming back.. here are 2 wonderful pair of shoes in the MM BOards here at Crave.. come slap away , and these can be yours.. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe

After that you can to on over to Pocket Mirrors for their New dollarbie of the week,, Come and grab this sexy hair do........


And Now I am here at the Best Club around, shopping at some wonderful stores here inside Club Destiny.... And Boy have I found some delisciousness for you....

There are some wonderful goodies for you for ONLY 1L each.. here the are.. inside the Vendor boards, just below the window ledge,, hoooooooo hooo hooooo ... Sexxxxxay

Here at Crotez/ Rossini

And did I mention that you can get this very sexayyyy outfit on the Lucky Board here as well..? Come and check it out,, Sexxxxxxay for sure.....


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