Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits.

Good mornign all you wonderful sexy readers.. This morning we are off looking for those little things that make us go oooohhhhhhhh, and aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.. heheh And my first find of the day is here on the Vengance Sim, at a place called..... VampArt.. heheheh where you can find this pair of black poants with this cute little blak corset as well..... FREEEEEEE So come on in and grab it while its still available.. woot.. FREEEEEEEE


And here at Courisian you can get this really sexy garter for freeeeeee, as well as this very stylish bag for FREEEEEEEEEEEEE.. come on in and grab them while they are hottttttttt.


And more wonderful gifts from Peppermint Blue....... These gifts are amazing and should be greatly apprecitaed. I know I am lucky that these gifts are out ther.. Yeahhhhhhhh for gifties...... All 3 gifts are SHOES ONLY.. but hey... they are free and they are gifts, so be glad... yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..


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