Sunday, September 27, 2009


Yeahhh another fabulous day here in Rl, as well as Sl.. And do I have quite a few ownderful things for you all today ....... So without babBle/ nonsence, or endless chatter, our First stop is here at Line.. and we are looking for the Dark Catz hunt gift, which is quite sexayyyy , and a must have.. So here it is..... Find that balck catz head and get this gift for FREEEEEEE


And OMg.. here at Medusa's Joy...... You wont believe what I have found on the Mm Board... NOT 1. NOT 2. NOT 3, but 16 different black outfits just in time for Halloween.....Come slap this Board.. You WILL NOT be dissapointed.. OMG.. HURRY and slap this thinhg will ya ?.................only 125 slaps to get the goods.. make sure to tell all your friends, and get them to do the same.. This is a MUST HAVE fat pack of outfits


And well.. Since I am on a kick for MM Boards, might as well Tp on over here to RGK, where this one is just for the men.. Called Reaper......Come slap the shit out of this board, and grab this ghoulish must have.... Only 100 slaps needed.. So hury . the Slots are filling up fast....


Dolly Rock has a few wonderful Freeeeebies out for everyone if interested, check these out.. First up is this awsome duo of tee shirts.....

And second one is this very darling Witch's outfit.. Come and grab them before they "pooof"


Today a new outfit! Madame Surgeon in black velvet. Also has many other looks included, surgeon aprons etc. This will be in the MM of the Main shop today.Here at Rag Dollz. and by the time I got ther it was already locked down, but hopefully will be ther for all to slap tomorrow. as this is also a MUST HAVE outfit.. I know I want it.. So come morning, come on in and hopefully we all can get slap happy .. hehehehehehehe


And then here at Rag DollZ at Sassie,, In Sassie's we have Around the World for the MM, which also happens to be locked down, but I will aso come first thing in the morning, to slap away and make sure i get this outfit... So worth it too ... check it out....


Sinuous Shapes has a very stunning bathing suit out for you ladies.. for only 1L.. So come and grab this while the grabbing is good......

Come finde the needle from the freaked out hunt and get this awsome realistic tattoo.. lol.... this is awsome ....

And I know I have blogged this before, but i find it super sexxxxxxy and it's only 1L, so come and grab it , for those of you whom havent seen this.. Come and get it .....


And........... Something for you lovly ladies of Sl. as those in Rl...... To create awareness about this illness Glitterati Poses has created 10 free poses for the month of October that are featured @ Simply Britnee..........................................With this freebie I hope you donate but most importantly educate yourself and others about this terrible illness. .. PLease donate , if you can, but come and get these amazzzzzing poses...... they r FREEEEEEEEEEEE...



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