Sunday, September 13, 2009


Yeahh another wonderful Hunt. this time however, its a small one, but one for guys and girls.. Woot.... here at Casey's Creations.. You can find 4 male gifts, and 4 female gifts, all for FREEEEEEEEEE. so ladies and gents gear up, get ready , get set, and GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The race is on.. Who will be the first to fins all 4 prezzies? hehehehehehehehe

I WIN.... First here is the info from the notecard.... " Last year if you all were here. I had a Birthday Hunt on my Birthday. Well seeing how i wasn't here on that particular day, i figured lets do the hunt now! Yes thats right Birthday Presents for You!
4 for girls
4 for the guys!
All in pretty packages hehe!"

And here are the Pics... Woot.. Look everywhere.... I only found 3 mens gifts, but I wanted to get this post out, so Ill go back later and find it when I can .. Sorry men.....


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