Friday, October 30, 2009

Peppermint Blue/ halloween

Just one very quick post before leaving.... I am here at Peppermint Blue where you can grab this wonderful newbie Assistance pack For FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.. So hurry on in and grab it up .. Halloween is on the rise.. hehehehehehehe

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Just a quick note to let you all know that I am goin out of town in a few hours, And there will be NO Blog till Sunday. Sorry....... But I PROMISEto make it up to you.. I always do.. Hugs and kisses ... Have a safe and Happy Halloween Weekends everyone...... Luv Vixation

On the Prowl ...

hey Pretty lady? You like to look good as well as feel good huh ?.I am on the prowl tonight looking for some wonderful gifties for all of you . Well come on in to Pretty Lady design's and grab this wonderful Freeeeeeeeeeeee Group Member gift... Talk about pretty in Pink,..
I love it ..........

Also make sure to grab this Awsome FREEEEEEE jewlery gift in store as well.....


Since we are talking about member's gifts, I have come to A&K Design's where I am aslo a member, to see what's new.. And I found these 2 wonderful FREEEEEEEEEEEee gifts, If you are a member, you can grab them for FReeeeeeeeeeee.. If not, you can become a member and get them today...... But please NO Group Hopping.. It's NOT fair to the rest of us who are dedicvatd to our groups... If you become a member, it;s worth it here........ and its freee to become a member


Wow.. I guess it's all group member gift's I am coming across here tonight...... As I was walking around the Sim , where I went to see about a Zombie skin, I found this wonderful red Rose Gown being offered, to the group members of Fab Free.. Woot.. However, I am NOt a member, but since I was here, and I saw it .. I thought to bring it to your attention.. So come on in and check this Fabulous Gown out.. Its FREEEEEEEEEE to group member's ONLY.............

And walking around the same Sim.. I overheard 2 young ladies talking to each other about cones being free with gifts in them.. I was like .. what.. And found out for myself what they were talking about, because they were quite rude.., Unlike me .... I thought about it, but Why bother... So.. here is some goodies I found from Sweet Little .. The first is this sexy MM Board gift.. Come slap away my pretties......

And the second is the ice cream cone .. with this Fabulous outfit in it for FREEEEEEEEEE = s.o.s. GIFT #35 .

And also in store is a 1L gift box hidden in the corner.. with this cute purple lingerie outfit in it ..

********** I noticed a lot more icecreak cones as well in the little shopping area.. So have fn and happy hunting

Thursday Treats.

Yeahhh its almost Halloween ... But soo o sad I wont be here at all for the trick or treating of it.. BooHoo.. cause in Rl, we are going out of town for a family Reunion, that just so happens, falls on Halloween.. UUgghhhhh.. Not this year when I have bought the fog machine, and have tons of spooky skeletons outside, and even a female one as well, with glowing red eyes, and she talks.. hehehehe Luvvv Halloween.. best time of year to scxare the shit out of unsuspecting loved ones.. heheheheheh Anyway.. Enough about Rl.. LEts get to the goods huh ? Ok.. Starting here at HoWear, with todays, Wonderful FReeebie.. ONLY FREE TILL 8PM TONIGHT SL TIME.. .. so you still have a few hours to come and grab it........... like almost 12 hours still .. heheheheheheh

There are 2 FReeebies today Actually from Howear.. I hope you all enjoy them.......


Then we have this awsome retro print 60S dress with headbad for FREEEEEE here at Dressing aphrodite... sitting in a pretty yello w gift box next to the pumpkin on the fountain...


Then we head on over to Vlodovik.... where i am in search of the weekly dollarbie.. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. I found it...... a very sexy colorful leotard.... for only 1L........

And while you are there check out the lucky board for this plum colored dress.. very cool huh ? Well tp on in here and check it out.....


And . I believe I got this notecard yesterday, but pulled it out today here from Monnon, where you can grab this FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEgift box of hair, with witch hat attatched .. In all ther are 20 different hair colors in this box, all the same style, and all with the Witch's hat, but soooo perfect for HALLOWEEN... Come and grab this fat PAck while you can.. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.. (only 4 colors are shown ....) ==============================================

Hey all.. just a quick note to let you all know about this very sexxxay LIMITED TIME FREEEEEEEEEEEEbie...... here at Rodeo Fashion District ... the Suede Trench comes in both short & long Styles for free Limited time. ONLY .. I have the short version shown here..

You can find the coat in the black gift bag stuck in between the shoes right at the tp point.............. happy hunting....


The free Weekly gift is out from Group members only here at Ora Trei Design's.. So come on my pretties.. If you are NOt part of this fabulous group.. Nopw is the time to join.. The gifts are fabulous.. Woot.. Im glad I am a Member of this fantastical group......


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

P.S. I luv You

Hey all.. i was looking through a bunch of blogs today, and ran across this one, detailing one skin from PS STYLE that I just had to come and grab.. This sexxxay one with the Spider web on the face.. But What I didnt know was that there were sooooo many other things here that I juyst had to share with you, and I didnt read about in the other blog... So here you go.. I have found 4 different 1L skin s for you all here...........

And I have aslo found 5 different outfits that are on sale now for only 20L each, and they are soooooo sexy and Hottt that I just had to share then with all of you...

And I will not forget about the awsome item I spotted in the lucky chair either.......

OOHHHHHHH.. and BTW.. If you join the subscribo.. you will aslo get A wonderful FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE GIFT TOO... I would show you buyt just as soon as I tried to rezz it Sl ate it... and its gone.....


Halloween Lingerie

I have just recieved a notecard from Reasonable Deisre's, about some very very very sexxxxxay Halloween Lingerie........ And the Sexy Lingerie is only 10L each.. But if you happen to buy the fat pack , which is all 4 lingerie outfits..... you actually save yourself 10l.. Woot, it's like getting one free.. So come on in here to Reasonable desires, and get your Halloween lingerie today .. woot....
FAt pack is only 30L.......

While you are here , be sure to also check out all the wonderful lucky chairs too.. (already Blogged)


Moon Over these

Well It has been quite a day here in Sl, as well as Rl.. So I am gonna cut the chatter and get right to it.. I am here at Moonstar Where you can try your hand at winning any one of these 4 new outfits for FREEEEEEEEE in the Unlucky chair.. heheh Think you have what it takes? Come and find out........chair changes every 5 minutes.. Have fun.

You can also grab this wonderful freebie in the hat that sits on the floor, rotating .. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.. So come and grab it my pretties.. hehehehehehhehe

Also come and slap that MM Board for this sexy little short outfit.. its freeeeeeeeeeee


Im going Gaga

Good Morning all.. Well i hapoepned to come back here at HoWear to see what was on the table for today's Freeebie.. And I found this awsome Lady GAGA outfit /.. ONLY FREE TIL 8PM SL TIME TONIGHT.. So if you like what you see, make sure to tp on here ASAP, and grab it before 8pm tonight... Hurry my pretties.. Time is ticking.. hehehehehehe


Beautiful Dreamer..

Hopping around the grid today I came across this cute place called.....Ranena Olivier Couture.. And I believe I went there because of a notecard I recieved.. So i tp , and find myself looking at a Beautiful building with tons of pretty things all around me.. and then I head inside to look for some free gifts.. and here is what I found for all of you, and me too.. lol...... All free.....

I found 3 different gift bags for freee.. The first one I found was to the right of the door, all the way against the wall by the statuue by the window..., which contained these 4 wonderful outfits.. for FREEEEEEEEEEEE.. I feel like a beautiful dreamer wearing such pretty things.. hehehehehehehe

The 2nd one I found was located in the center part of the store, back by the back wall..... which contained these beautiful gloves.... in 2 deifferent lengths...

And the last one I found was on the left side of the door, all the way against the staue, by the window ther..... come and get it and get this pretty pale mint green pant and vest outfit.. very nice huh? and FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All over Sl,

Moving on for gifts from all over Sl, We land here at Pretty Lady where you can come on in and slap the MM Board for thos sexy magents gown, sleek and sexy, and totally free.. So come on in and slap away........... The MM Board is upstairs, ........

also check out the lucky board right next to the door.. you might just get lucky and grab yourself this pretty outfit .... or this sexy blue lingerie outfit .....

We are here at NOSOTRAS, where you can get these 2 fabulous outfits for 10L each.. So very worth it .. Sexxxay as hell, and one for the females, and one for the males of Sl.. Woot... Come and get them my darlings.......


Next up we land here at MIAMI, Where I have recieved word of a very sexxxxay dress for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. Just buy the black box with the pretty black ribbon on the floor next to the pic, for 0L..... and get this stunning dress.....


News just in ....................ONLY FROM NYMPHETAMINE!!!!!
COME AND PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD! Bet your mama never told ya that one huh?
HERES YOUR RIDE!!! NO matter which world your coming from!!

mmmmmmmm I LOVE Pumkin Pie!!! DO YOU love pumkin Pie??
Does your other half Love pumpkin Pie? :)
Even if they dont, they will LOVE THIS ONE!!!
Paeoti is in a GOOFBALL mood and has created, the most ADORABLE, SEXY, FUNNY, GOOFY outfit you have ever seen and its JUST IN TIME for HALLOWEEN!
Better yet?


And the last item for tonight as Rl is calling and I have to go , is this wonderful Halloween Dollarbies from Donna Flora.. So come on in ladies and grab this wonderful item now..