Friday, October 23, 2009

Little Bits

Searching the Grid for little bits of this and little bits of that.. hehehehehehehe And being Friday, well, that means there are a TOn of things out here .........Want some fun and intereesting things for almost next to nothing.. hehehe Join teh Subscribo group here at Le CharMe and get this Fabulous Gown for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE..
and since you are already here.. Check out this amzing and very aptly named Sexy With Outfit.. only 30L.... Cant go wron with such a sexy outfit for next to nothing.. Come on in and have a look for yourselves my pretties.. You will luv it......


Here at Simply Smashing, you can get this very sexxxxay and very lacy lingerie set for absolutley FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe.. So come on in and check it out, and have fun...

I am here at Together Inc, where I have just recieve word of a New Dollarbie in store.. So I came here looking for it.. Of course I found it.. hehehe Here it is.. you get this cool 2 shirt layer, and these denim hot pants... for only 1L...'

And then... I found thee 3 wonderful Items upstairs, hanging around by the railings in 3 lucky boards.. woot... Dare to get Lucky? Hope you do..
And then while I was writing this up.. hehehe I decided to go ahead and camp for 18 minutes, in order to get this awsome Tattoo.. Unisex of course.. So, if you like what you see, Jump on the Tp, and get over here.. heheh.. Have fun .......

We have a 1L hair gift wrapped package here at Vanity HAir, if anyone would be interested,.. It sure is a different kind of hair style, and very flouncy, But I like it.... So come and grab it.. Only 1L............ So worth it...........

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