Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bone Collector

Welcome to the first annual Bone Hunt at Gypsy Bayou!Something terribly wicked seems to have occurred at Gypsy Bayou. It’s all a mystery as to the truth behind it but it appears small children have come home to their parents with suspicious bones they happened to find in the area. Why are these parents worried? It’s just old cow bones of course. Yes…. old cow bones. Everyone knows Gypsy Bayou was once a prosperous old farm.Maybe you should investigate yourself. Not that I’m saying there is anything bad going on here. Little Jimmy was just being a drama queen when he wet his pants over a arm bone…. I MEAN LEG BONE! Everyone knows cows don’t have arms silly.13 lovely gifts from 7 designers at Gypsy Bayou. Find the scattered bones around and in the shops.Hope you enjoy your stay and relax. It’s not like there’s a axe murderer running loose.
Bone #1 .. you get a witch hat for your ghost horse.. and a halter as well....

Bone #2.. You get a gag O lantern.. hehehehehe I luv this

Bone #3.. You get a Skull Staff of Doom....

Bone #4.. You get a Shark tooth Pendant w/ jade

Bone #5.. You get a Berserker Spear.. how cool is this .. hehehehehehe

Bone #6.. You get a Fairy Dust lamp...

Bone #7.. You get a the Skeleton with the arrow in it..

Bone #8.. You get both the berserker MAsk , and the Berserker pouch...

Bone #9.. you get the Maman Brigitte Alter

Bone #10 .. You get this Noris Tunis outfit in Red...........

Bone #11... You get 3 different Tee shirts. They look like they are for the guys, but I am wearing them anyway.. hehehehehehehe

Bone #12.. You get A BUNCH OF RITUALISTIC STUFF (not pictured)

Bone #13.. You get this complete ZOMBIE avatar.. How cool is this? hehehehehehe

And to make this hunt even cooler.. It comes with a list of hints for helping you find the bones scattered about this little haunted horror show.. hehehehehe
1. If you only had a brain, you would find my backbone.
2. If you put your heads together properly, you may be able to get out of this hunt alive.
3. If walls could talk, they would say a great many disturbing things.
4."If cats could talk, they wouldn't. "
5. Who doesn't love to curl up with a good book? The characters in Wuthering Heights were all captives of their own flaws. Perhaps I've taken captive too literally.
6."So he wove a subtle web, in a little corner sly, And set his table ready, to dine upon the Fly. "7. Fire & brimstone.
8. Tsk tsk. Ophelia got too close.
9. A bushel, a peck. If your mother found this here she'd be an awful wreck.
10."With silver bells, and cockle shells, And pretty maids all in a row."
11. 3 sisters stand sentinel, watching and waiting for curiousity to kill the cat.
12. It hangs above the moon, and the rider of stone.
13. A nice place to hang around and catch the evening breeze.
have fun and good luck.... This hunt I believe is geared towards both sexes.. and is definately worth checking out.....

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