Monday, October 12, 2009

Have Broom Will Travel.

I am here today at Lemania, where the hunt for the brroms has begun..... hehehehe The hunt is called......The Nightmare hunt.. And this hunt lasts until October 31st.. So you all still have time to come and grab the brroms.. All Brooms are set at 1L each.... and you never really know what you get until you unbox the goods.. heheh Thats the beauty of the hunt... And I am here at Moda de Roma, where ther are 4 brooms hidden in the store.. here they are....

And since you are already here make sure to check out the 2 goodies upon the Mm Board as well....... only 40 and 43 slaps are needed ... So make that jump and come on in.....


If you continue around the little shops on the Sim you will notice that a good many of them have some goodies of their own shoved into the brroms.. hehehe And I am Now here at Vlodovik where if you find all 3 brooms , you will get this very pretty pumpkin colored outfit and it only costs 3L.. total..........


And these are some of the ones you can find from all over the Sim from Lemania..... ther are 23 of them.. and NO I did NOT find them all.. heheheheheh

#1 called Ghost

#3 Halloween Bikini Box

#18 Winifred Witch

#19 Cleopatra

#20 Witchy Pin Up

#23 Halloween Diva Box


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