Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All over Sl,

Moving on for gifts from all over Sl, We land here at Pretty Lady where you can come on in and slap the MM Board for thos sexy magents gown, sleek and sexy, and totally free.. So come on in and slap away........... The MM Board is upstairs, ........

also check out the lucky board right next to the door.. you might just get lucky and grab yourself this pretty outfit .... or this sexy blue lingerie outfit .....

We are here at NOSOTRAS, where you can get these 2 fabulous outfits for 10L each.. So very worth it .. Sexxxay as hell, and one for the females, and one for the males of Sl.. Woot... Come and get them my darlings.......


Next up we land here at MIAMI, Where I have recieved word of a very sexxxxay dress for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. Just buy the black box with the pretty black ribbon on the floor next to the pic, for 0L..... and get this stunning dress.....


News just in ....................ONLY FROM NYMPHETAMINE!!!!!
COME AND PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD! Bet your mama never told ya that one huh?
HERES YOUR RIDE!!! NO matter which world your coming from!!

mmmmmmmm I LOVE Pumkin Pie!!! DO YOU love pumkin Pie??
Does your other half Love pumpkin Pie? :)
Even if they dont, they will LOVE THIS ONE!!!
Paeoti is in a GOOFBALL mood and has created, the most ADORABLE, SEXY, FUNNY, GOOFY outfit you have ever seen and its JUST IN TIME for HALLOWEEN!
Better yet?


And the last item for tonight as Rl is calling and I have to go , is this wonderful Halloween Dollarbies from Donna Flora.. So come on in ladies and grab this wonderful item now..


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