Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Precious...........

Just like the saying form the Movie... My Precious.. is having a hunt , and around the store you can find 10 little red treasure boxes.. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE filled with wonderful goodies........................

My Precious--Fun with Hunt ---sponsored by Alienbear's Design, Amacci, Amacci, B&G and Kenneth Keng

Box 1--B&G.. sexy pearl necklace, and matching earrings....

Box 2--Alienbear sexxxxay eyes, and eye sparkle

Box 3-Amacci

Box 4--Entre Mares

Box 5--My Precious (It is put in the Entre Mares Store, please get the landmark at her kiosk on 2/F)

Box 6--Kenneth Keng Menswear.. a sexy tie

Box 7--Kenneth Keng Menswear.. a sexy black sweater, which just so happens... looks pretty sexxxxay on me .. heheheheheh

Box 8--My Precious (1/F)

Box 9--My Precious (1/F)

All boxes are put in the main building. (Not wedding store or our runway) All boxes of our guest vendors are put on the second floor.

And since you are already here.. Make sure to check out the Lucky chair upstairs where you can get this very beautiful gown ...

Make sure to grab the black catz hunt gift as well..... while you are in the store looking for those treasure boxes....


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