Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where's The Candy?

I have a very interesting hunt for ALL of you wonderful readers.....

Rumor has it that the CAVE OF DOOM is haunted by the ghosts of miners trapped by a mine fire over 100 years ago.Solve the maze in the CAVE OF DOOM and win this GOTHIC SKYBOX. ABSOLUTELY FREE!

And YESSSSSSSSSSSSS I did complete the Cave of Doom. and I made it out Alive, ANd YESSSSSSSSSS I got my FREEEEEEEEEEEEE Gothic Sky BOX.. Woot..........
And thats NOT all.......

October 5th - November 1st
Search for the Halloween candy bowls at over 40 shops over 4 sims!
Each candy bowl gives out a great gift from the designer and a selection of delicious candy! Yum! Make your choices when you click the candy bowl.
Participating shops are located at Vinyl Cafe, The Dominion Fashion District, Dominion Fetish, and THE Halloween sim!

Come click on the Candy dishes and get your free Booty ..
Here is the gifts .. err.. SOME of the gifts I picked up on the Halloween Sim.....


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