Saturday, October 3, 2009

Free Finds of all Kinds

Hey ther ya'll.. It has been a busy Rl day for me again, but I have found some time to bring you more fabulous Finds... From me to you.. Starting right here at Pukis Crazy Fashion .. hehehheehhe What a name.. But ther is some wonderful things you should see.. Like this very tantalizing little outfit on the Mm Board.. Only 50 slaps needed to ensure you get this FREEEEEEEEEE... On the other MM Board is a 50L gift card.. So make sure to slap that too....
Head up the stairs and you can find these wonderful items in the lucky chairs ther... Have fun.. One chair has these necklaces in them,

while the other chair has these amazing OUTFITS


And if you happen to Tp on over here to the Circlet of pisces.. you can get this wonderful 2 set anket for FREEEEEEEEEEEee....

And you can also grab this wonderful pair of cross earrings for only 1L.....

And.... Make sure to check out the Lucky board that changes every 3 minutes for this set of bangels.. I won them .. And I am a huge fan of animal print.......


Head on over to UK Couture Island , and check out the wonderful items housed in the 4 lucky chairs ther, They change every 5 minutes, and with 4 of them.. You could get lucky quickly......


If you like wandering around and just having fun - then this is what you have been waiting for.
This Halloween maze covers over 1/4 sim and has lots of hidden rooms, collect the spiders on the way and receive a beautiful gift at the end.
You can come back and continue the maze at anytime in case you crash or just need a break


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