Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time to get your BOO on.

Just a little humor that I was making up.. Shall we start hunting and see what pops up? Lets start here at the very beginning and see what we can find.. Are you all ready to go on this hunt with me? All the info you need is listed below.. Have fun..

BOO is a hunt for Halloween themed prizes.
You will be hunting out a ghost, (just like the one on the banner) that will be priced at 0 lindens and will contain a prize and a landmark to your next hunting destination.
Simply teleport to the starting location and hunt out the ghost. Once you have purchased the ghost, look for the folder it created in your inventory, and find the landmark to your next hunting destination. Teleport there and repeat the process all over again.
If you get stuck along the way, make sure to check the blog first before seeking help, as it will have the most up to date hints and other important hunt information. Clicking on any banner will bring up the blog! You can also get hints via the hint ghosts located on every banner (note: not all vendors may take use of this). If all else fails you can join the hunt group, to get live help. Just click on any hunt banner to get a link to join the group!
Have a great time hunting everyone :)
Sincerely,Mikayla Ares
P.S. Much thanks to Dianne Davies for making the ghost and hunt tee shirt.

And the first hunt iten of the night is this awsome halooween display with bat emitter, and a hay bale with girl site pose.. FOR FREEEEEE just find the little ghost hidden within the clue.. Touch the phone on the desk for the clue...


Second stop.. here we come.. inside , find the ghost and get this...... really neat ghost outfit with hover motion.. FREEEE


Stop #3.. OMG, ,you guys wont believe this's totally awsome.. The scenery and the pose .. just tap the little ghost on the hunt sign for your clue, find the ghost and recieve this amazzzzing gift..
It also happens to be in one of my friend's shops, just recently opened, and well worth checking out...... After you find your little ghost.. Make sure to stop off in the bargain room located just to the right of the tp area.. for these wonderful little bargain poses.. set at only 1L each.. check these out...

And then ---------------there are also 4 Lucky boards in there and ......

there is also a midnight mania board.. Only 50 slaps required in order to meet the daily quota.. So if you like couples poses, come on in and slap this board for this sexxxxy pose ...

And.. last but not least........ Add this awsome place to your favorite picks and recieve this Prof. Pics, gift...Have fun and enjoy looking around.. The place is truly amazzzzing...

More coming tomorrow...... See you then.. Till then I hope you enjoy what I have brought to you tonight.. Nighty night evryone.....

Saturday, September 25, 2010

News from NADAS

Thought I had forgotten you all huh ? Well I am sorry that I have been very busy in Rl.. But will make it a point of coming on at leat once a day for future posts.. So to start tonight off... Here is some wonderful new outfits and avatars from NADAS.. In case you guys haven't ever been ther.. There are some really great things to be found... Lets start off with the FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE stuff.. As The month of October is fast approaching, ther are lots of Halloween outfits to be had... So let's get started.. first up... are you new in sl and not older than 30 days? than you can get this completely avatar FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Also instore, if you walk around towards the back of the store you can find this FREEE belt sitting in a box on the floor .. Great for any casual outfit...

PRIZE will find some campchairs arround the shops.. out in the courtyard just walk around and you will find them or take the dirct tp.. lol.. good luck.. and have fun ..sit down for 30 min. and get a free outfit... here are a few examples of what you can get ... I di sit / camp for 30 minutes just to get this sexy little leather mini (1rst pic).. Sexxxy huh ?

*******BRANDNEW OUTFITS FREE********:::::::NEW FREEBIE OF THE WEEK:::::How would you like to get your hands on this sexy little outfit? I know I would.. an did .. lol.. Hope you all enjoy it as well.. It can be found upstairs, just wear you NADAS group tag.. in order to get this one...

::::::::NEW MM BOARD OFFER:::::::

And if you are like me , you will love this wonderful outfit, as it comes with these awsome low rider matching boots.. And I am a shoe fanatic.. lol... come on in and slap that board.. Only 150 slaps needed, so dont waste anytime.. Hurry.. lol.....

And.......................... last but Not least.. If you go outside you can find this wonderful little halloween inspired baby doll outfit for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE in a coffin like line up... lol.. cool huh.. I got mine tonight... what are you waiting for?