Friday, April 30, 2010

Twilight Fans

It is a very rainy Boring day here in Rl. So I think we are gonna go and do some hunt items today, and see what is New and different out ther in the SL World.. Hope you all stick with me and see what we can find.. We are stopping here at the One Stop Twilight Shop Mall where ther is a hunt underway, till May 15th.. You are going to be looking for these 4 different items pictured below....some are big and easy to spot.. While some are small, and very cleverly hidden.. Good luck.....

Winslet or Emmma Soup.

Boof= 4 gifts.. I found all 4 ..... Pictured below... An Emo belt for females, A twilight apple . a mouth polaroid, and a Uni Sex Belt pack

Aiden’s Closet= 4 gfits.. I found one.. This one stummped me good...

Krazie Kreations= 4 GIFTS.. I found 2 .. of them and they are cool ... a great chair and matching rug.. #17 and # 19

[Rainbow.Soup]= 4 gifts.. I found all 4 .. Plus 2 wonderful FREEEEEEbies on the wall of the store.. #3, 4 , 5 , and #6.... in that order... a cololage of polaroid pics for your wall..., An I luv Twilight unisex Shirt, a vanity table , and another photo frame gallersy for your wall, (you add the pics for this one.. ) Edward and

2 freebies on the wall of the store....

NLimbo= 2 gifts.. I found both gifts ther .. # 15 and # 16 2 different twilight poses for Bella and Edward .. NOT shown

SE* Designz= 4 gifts.. And yesssss. .I did find all 4 there as well.. (*****not all gifts are hidden in the stores.. Make sure to check the courtyard too.. for some hunt gifts.. ) # 11 , 12, 13, and #14.. are found here... (items are backwards)
14, is the red shirt and bikini top set , 13 is the grey colored shirt and scarf set, 12 is the hands and apple tattoo on the stomach , and 11 is the Edward and Jacob shirts (only 1 shown )

Also at Se Designs you can grab 2 other freebies.. One by joing the subscribo and the other is a freebie in store.. Hope you all like ..

TNGG Designs= 2 gifts. I found them both , but again thery are hidden well.. Good luck .. A pack of Framed Twilight art , and a wall calender, Not pictured.. and only one picture shown

In the Meadow= 2 Gifts.. I found them both..These ones are very easy to spot.. lol.. Good luck they are a pair of shoes, and a 3 pack of framed wolf pics.. Only one shown ..

All Gifts are hidden around the mall, and in the parcipating stores. good Luck and have fun

Thursday, April 29, 2010


To all of my wonderful Readers, Copied in bits and pieces strait from her Awsome Notecard I just logged on and recieved.. I am bringing you right to.. Dulce Secrets , for some AMAZING DEALS......

" To all the beautiful people,
I'd like to present a new skin this week, Janette. Janette is a country beauty with rose tinted lips and violet yellow eyes. Janette is available in 11 skin tones. To celebrate my 3rd Rez day one of the tones is on sale for $3L. (located at the foot of the stairs)

I've celebrated my 3rd Rez Day in SL this week and to celebrate I'm giving you a gift. For $1L you can get the Sprig "Dottie" Babydoll dress. You'll find a gift box on the front desk.

Just the subscriber is a special gift going out. A "Groovy" version of Sprig Babydoll. FREEEEEEEEEEEE

It's Thrusday which mean 35L Thursday. Summer is just around the corner and to celebrate the warmth and sunshine I've made a babydoll dress.

Hope you ladies like the dresses and skin ............luv to you all


Monday, April 26, 2010

Cant get enough... Catteneo

While wandering some unknown Sim, I decided to just see what was around ther, and I Found 3 wonderful FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEbies for you ladies, located right here at Catteneo... Beautiful Sea scape, water everywhere, and lots to see, and do here if you just wander around and look... But.. first up, this beautiful orange dress, freee .. you can find these gifts in the 3 boxes on the floor.... HAve fun....,
****************Most shops are on teh water level .. so make sure to check them out.. More freebies , anmd dollarbies to be found......
then we have this beautifil taylored jean shirt,

And then ther is this stunning seaquined dress, in gold.. I really like this one, and they are all FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lucky ME , Lucky YOU

So, since today is Sunday, and I am bored, with nothing really much to do, the weather here in Rl, suxxxxxxx, and I have no where to go, and no one to do anything with today, I am traveling all over just to find some great Lucky boards, chairs, and whatever else I may come across.. So keep your fingers crossed, and hope that we all get Lucky today..... My first stop is here at Eklectic Twist, where ther are 2 wonderful outfits to be had upon the 2 Lucky boards there... Come on in and check them out.. I believe they change every....10 minutes.....


Here in the same Sim, as I am Not sure I have been here before, I went walking around.. I found this MM Board, with these 2 pretty sexxxy shirts upon it.. Just right for the slapping.. Only 125 slaps needed to fulfill the quoto and these can be yours.. So come on in , check the place out, and be sure to slap the board as you do..... Never hurts to have some sexxxxy shirts in your inventory...


and as I was walkign, My friend Marialuisa tpd me here to Alyssia Design's where if you get here in time you can slap the MM Boards here , only 80 slaps needed to get these 2 sexxxxxy items.. One is a tattoo mix, and the other is an outfit.. So ladies, what are you all waiting for? Come slap the boards, and get Lucky.......

and..................... if you want.. Check out the free gift bag on the front counter.. There is a gift inside for men and for women.. here is a sneak peek.. there are many items inside the ladies "box", so here is just a few....also comes with the tattooo on the body too.. check it out....

And here are the 2 men's outfits inside the bag as well.. Thanks Carlos , for the great Modeling job...

Also.. Make sure to check out the 2 Lucky boards on the side wall of the store as well.. Hope you get Lucky......

Moving right along, as I have never been to this Sim before, I decided to go along and walk the streets, and Ladies.. You ar egetting Lucky today.. Arne't you glad I am bored today ? LMAO... So, take a walk with me , and check out this..... I found 2 more MM Boards here at Angelic Couture, with your names screaming to be slapped.. The boots needs 160 slaps... And I knwo we can all do it.....

the outfit only requires 100 slaps.. So grab your friends, sister;s aunts, cousins, partners, and whomever else you wish to grab, and get over here to start slapping so we can meet this quota.. I lUVVVVV shoes.. Hhehehehhehehehehhehehhe..

Also in store, I found this very hawttttttt sexxxy outfit on the Lucky board.. Check it out.. you will like it too...... board changes every 11 minutes.... I just happened to get Lucky on a wild card as I was coming back around the loop, and this Sexxxxy outfit became mine.. Yeahhhhhh.....

and ...................................thats NOT all.. make sure to grab this cute white little angel tee for only 1L, sitting in the bag on the counter... I think it's adorable.... and of course i got it too.. lol.......


Continuing on, I think I have hit the Mother load , so to speak.. lol.. Here at D&D Style, you have not one, but 3 Lucky boards to take your chances with , boards change every 10 minutes i believe, and I hope you get Lucky, because these outfits are Sexxxxyyyyyyyyyy.. ,

also there is a Slap and Dash board, (another term for MM Board, ) and only 80 slaps needed for this really cute pink short outfit,, Are you LAdies liking what I have found for you today ?
MAke sure if you want to, to take a trip around the whole sqaure.. Follow the train tracks, and you will see LOTS more MM BOards, Lucky Boards, and Lucky Chairs all over the place.. I hope you all enjoy this little trip... Love to you all.. Let me know if you know of other places out ther that havent gotten any attention and you would like to share.....

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sensationalllllllllll Saturday

Checking out some wonderful Saturday Freeebies for all of you today.. The first outfit I found up for grabs is this beautiful Shirt and jeans set absolutley free from ......Bishwear.... So ladies, come on in and get this sexxxy outfit while you can... FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEe.. I luvvv it, it's sexxy , it's hot, it's

Bishwear........ BISHWEAR, BishWear Island -


Moving on to another one of my favorite stores here in Sl, SLC.. .. As you all know, there are many wonderful pieces of clothing and more that come from this marvelous store, and the creators, are just talented to say the least, So enough said.. Come slap the Mm Board for your chance to grab this beautifully done denim, outfit.. Only 100 slaps needed.. Plenty of time to "get r dun"....

And............... if you turn all the way around, you will spot some wonderful freebies sitting on a table for guys and girls, so come on in and check the place out....


And then we are off to warmer climates, as the weather warms in Rl, we gear up for bathing suit season, and ther is no other place to go than to SWIM, wear you can grab this months new suit for men or for women...... just touch the pink or blue ball on the billboard, pay your 1L, and get the suit you want .. Sexxxy it is, so come on in to SWIM today and get your suits for such a steal...... 1L..............

Check out the lucky chairs as well while you are ther.. Never know when your letter will come up.....