Thursday, April 29, 2010


To all of my wonderful Readers, Copied in bits and pieces strait from her Awsome Notecard I just logged on and recieved.. I am bringing you right to.. Dulce Secrets , for some AMAZING DEALS......

" To all the beautiful people,
I'd like to present a new skin this week, Janette. Janette is a country beauty with rose tinted lips and violet yellow eyes. Janette is available in 11 skin tones. To celebrate my 3rd Rez day one of the tones is on sale for $3L. (located at the foot of the stairs)

I've celebrated my 3rd Rez Day in SL this week and to celebrate I'm giving you a gift. For $1L you can get the Sprig "Dottie" Babydoll dress. You'll find a gift box on the front desk.

Just the subscriber is a special gift going out. A "Groovy" version of Sprig Babydoll. FREEEEEEEEEEEE

It's Thrusday which mean 35L Thursday. Summer is just around the corner and to celebrate the warmth and sunshine I've made a babydoll dress.

Hope you ladies like the dresses and skin ............luv to you all


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