Thursday, April 22, 2010

Newness from G&N

Hope everyone is doing well and good and hopefuilly staying dry this rainy afternoon... I am trying to anyway.. After being gone for so long I am back and going through all these wonderful notecards and such, and trying to make a decent post with everything I have to work with, so I am going to take my time and break it down, and hope you all enjoy what I ahve to offer you all today....... I grabbed this notcard out of my inventory, because it was personalized, which I sooo luv, and I thought it would benefit Everyone, so Here it is.. All the wonderful stuff you sexxxy Sl ladies need to know.....
The New, the Exciting.the latest Weekly Free Preview Design from G&N, that comes with a new skin and shape . (This is a new "additional" direction for G&N which we would love support with "getting out there" :-) Belt and shoes are also included. It is is available until Sunday 25 April 2010 SL time. After this date it is then placed for sale.

Here is me wearing the shape and the 2 skins, with the outfit on ..

This outfit is totally FREEEEEEEEEEE, and comes with the shoes, the shape, and 2 skins..... What more sould you want.. Come on in and ghet it ladies.. Its soo worth it.... and ...........
Here is me wearing my shape and the taneed skin.. Soooo HOt.. and can you imagine. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
******************(so.. if you are not sure about the skin upon first site, make surte you try it on , because you just might change your mind and fall in luv with it just has I have,,, Great Job G&N......)

Since I have been gone for a while, I took a look around.. And did you know that ther is a section there that is 20L.....? Its on the main floor, and Not hard to find.. So good luck and have fun everyone...... Come on in and take a look for yourselves.. and grab some great stuff too.......


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