Friday, April 30, 2010

Twilight Fans

It is a very rainy Boring day here in Rl. So I think we are gonna go and do some hunt items today, and see what is New and different out ther in the SL World.. Hope you all stick with me and see what we can find.. We are stopping here at the One Stop Twilight Shop Mall where ther is a hunt underway, till May 15th.. You are going to be looking for these 4 different items pictured below....some are big and easy to spot.. While some are small, and very cleverly hidden.. Good luck.....

Winslet or Emmma Soup.

Boof= 4 gifts.. I found all 4 ..... Pictured below... An Emo belt for females, A twilight apple . a mouth polaroid, and a Uni Sex Belt pack

Aiden’s Closet= 4 gfits.. I found one.. This one stummped me good...

Krazie Kreations= 4 GIFTS.. I found 2 .. of them and they are cool ... a great chair and matching rug.. #17 and # 19

[Rainbow.Soup]= 4 gifts.. I found all 4 .. Plus 2 wonderful FREEEEEEbies on the wall of the store.. #3, 4 , 5 , and #6.... in that order... a cololage of polaroid pics for your wall..., An I luv Twilight unisex Shirt, a vanity table , and another photo frame gallersy for your wall, (you add the pics for this one.. ) Edward and

2 freebies on the wall of the store....

NLimbo= 2 gifts.. I found both gifts ther .. # 15 and # 16 2 different twilight poses for Bella and Edward .. NOT shown

SE* Designz= 4 gifts.. And yesssss. .I did find all 4 there as well.. (*****not all gifts are hidden in the stores.. Make sure to check the courtyard too.. for some hunt gifts.. ) # 11 , 12, 13, and #14.. are found here... (items are backwards)
14, is the red shirt and bikini top set , 13 is the grey colored shirt and scarf set, 12 is the hands and apple tattoo on the stomach , and 11 is the Edward and Jacob shirts (only 1 shown )

Also at Se Designs you can grab 2 other freebies.. One by joing the subscribo and the other is a freebie in store.. Hope you all like ..

TNGG Designs= 2 gifts. I found them both , but again thery are hidden well.. Good luck .. A pack of Framed Twilight art , and a wall calender, Not pictured.. and only one picture shown

In the Meadow= 2 Gifts.. I found them both..These ones are very easy to spot.. lol.. Good luck they are a pair of shoes, and a 3 pack of framed wolf pics.. Only one shown ..

All Gifts are hidden around the mall, and in the parcipating stores. good Luck and have fun

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