Monday, May 10, 2010

Get Ready for Warm weather

So , as most of you know.. the weather has been really bad in parts of the world, with Flooding and rain, and lots of chaos all over... So what better way to start today off with thoughts of beautiful warm weather, and sexxxy outfits......? Shall we go shoppign and getting for the warmth?

I am starting my trek around the grid here at Alexhaol, mainstore, and Mall.. where my first stop is here at one of Fierce Design's outlet stores. where you can pick up this wonderful FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE gift inside of the store in the signature gift bag on the floor.. You can't miss it.. Whatcha all think of pretty in pink ? I luvvv it............... and its Freeee so come on in take a look around the mall and grab some great stuff.....


Then you can head on over to Alexhol Mainstore, and check out the 2 awsome Lucky chairs to be found there, , chairs change every 10 minutes, and the outfits are adorable, I won the Green Beetles Unisex tee while I was there.... as well as this white flower tank..... How Lucky is that? Now I know it's gonna be a great day...

Also instore.. you can find the FREEEEEEEEEEEE sarong coverup... which can be found in the Freshly tapped part of the store, above themini bar, next to the sand castle on the floor...... so come on in and grab it while the grabbing is good .,..

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