Thursday, April 22, 2010

A New Alternative

So, as you al l know by now.. I have been gone for a while, but I am back.. And I have just heard about this Alternative Fair.. Not really sure what that means but here is what I know so far..... It is taking place at Snatch City, and, there are some great FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE gifts around for all of you to come ad check out.. So here is what I found so far.. I hope that you all enjoy........

First up is this really cool Geisha doll skin for men and women, FREEEEEEEEEEEE.. come on in and pick yours up today...... here at FRICK


and right next door , at Got1c0 , you can pick up this really sexy pair of black latex pants for only 1L....


Another wonderful Feeebie find here at Arsenic & Lace.. Check out this Fabulous outfit, you can find it for FREEEEEEEEEEEEE hidden in a little balck bag


Head on over to Burning Chrome where you can get 2 different eyes, 2 different skins, a hair, and some really cool facial stuff all for Freeeeeee sitting in a bag on the floor , and soooo worth grabbing to.. Check these out.. I think they are awsome...... in a cybergenic fashion cult way.. LMAO.. hehehe Come and get them while you can ...


So much more waiting for all of you to come and check out, and lots of things to see, so come on in to the Fair, and have some fun , and donate too... For a great Cause...... Fighting Malaria..... / protecting against it I mean.. Nets Save Lives is the theme of the day.. SO come on in and check it out....


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