Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Beautiful Dreamer..

Hopping around the grid today I came across this cute place called.....Ranena Olivier Couture.. And I believe I went there because of a notecard I recieved.. So i tp , and find myself looking at a Beautiful building with tons of pretty things all around me.. and then I head inside to look for some free gifts.. and here is what I found for all of you, and me too.. lol...... All free.....

I found 3 different gift bags for freee.. The first one I found was to the right of the door, all the way against the wall by the statuue by the window..., which contained these 4 wonderful outfits.. for FREEEEEEEEEEEE.. I feel like a beautiful dreamer wearing such pretty things.. hehehehehehehe

The 2nd one I found was located in the center part of the store, back by the back wall..... which contained these beautiful gloves.... in 2 deifferent lengths...

And the last one I found was on the left side of the door, all the way against the staue, by the window ther..... come and get it and get this pretty pale mint green pant and vest outfit.. very nice huh? and FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


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