Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Madness

Yeahhh more wonderful stuff coming your way.... So hold on tight , strap yourselves in , and make sure to have fun.. and grab all the stuff you like.. heheheheheheheh
Starting off here at The Dominion Fashion District where you can get this pack of beatiful gowns for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe.


And here at Venus Fashion ......................Dont miss out on getting your name on our MM boards, we have 2 great prizes up on the board. one in the ladies section, the other in the mens section...

Make sure to check out the 3 lucky chairs also in the store.

Sexxay Lip / nose piercing here at the Shadow Realm , on the MM Board.. So come and slap away if you dare....

Also on the premises today.. A spooky sim wide Skull is the Info you need to know.............Shadow Realm, the club/mall where I have my satellite location is having a simwide hunt! Several of the designers there are participating, including me :) You'll be hunting for a skull with glowing red eyes. MIne has the recently release "Mouth Rat" in it ;) So if you didn't get a chance to be among the 100 to slap it down on the Midnight Mania board, here's another chance to get a copy of it for free!
Be sure to spend some time looking around for the other skulls too. Shadow has some great designers there, so you're sure to walk away with some great swag!


And while I was out ther hunting for these wonderful Skulls.. heheheheheh I found this awsome pair of shoes, that look like claws wrapping themselves over the toes.. So I ahd to slap that MM Board anmd come tell you all about it.. So get on in here to Inferno Haute Couture..... and slap this MM Board................ if you liek these shoes.. only 70 slaps required


At Cynful is waiting a nice Halloween Dollarbie for all the Fashionitas out there!
This Gift is not even a Halloween Gift, nuhuhuh! :P
Its my way to shout out a BIG THANK YOU to all ure Guys for supporting Cynful since i started! <3>


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