Friday, October 2, 2009

From Lilly Pad To Lilly Pad

Strait from the Lilly Pads Notecard I recieved yesterday, but am just now getting to it.. Sorry....

New month! This month is a busy one too, my r/l birthday, my rez day and Halloween ... plus I've got a special contest in mind for later in the month.
New month means new 1L outfits, again I've done two that are for both women and girls. Both are fall inspired and, well, leafy. .......

The new month also means new location exclusives.
At the Baby Monkey Mall there's a fall inspired sweater and jeans set, with oak leaf appliques on the back pockets of the jeans.

At the Main Shop is a comfy cozy sweater dress in a deep eggplant purple. Lots of sculpts with this turtlenecked dress (only in SL will I wear a turtleneck lol).

*************As always, the location exclusives are 25L for the first month out.

Hunt Madness! I went insane and signed up for WAY a lot of hunts! Two at the Monkey Mall location and 4 at the Main Shop. Three of those hunts start the first.
The Witches Brew Hunt has cauldrons at both locations.

The Main Shop cauldron has a cute witchy outfit for women and girls, and a Halloween themed unisex shirt.

The Monkey Mall location has a batty haunted house jeans set that is unisex.

And make sure to check out the Lucky Boards here too.. Cute Dora OUtfit for the little girls....

The Pumpkin Prints Hunt is at the Main Shop, and has an autumn-y colored dress that was designed to coordinate with the Baby Monkey Pumpkin Prints Hunt boots. There's also a Halloween themed unisex shirt in the pumpkin.

The Gridwide Pumpkin Hunt is a kid's themed hunt and has a girl's Halloween dress and a unisex Halloween shirt.

Not to forget about the MM Board here either...

or the lucky boards.. hehehe They are worth checking out too.....


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