Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Build/ New Lm

Hey all.. One of my all time Favorite places, has an Lm.. Though NOT gone from the Sim, just moved further on the Sim... And Prim& Pixel has a new build, new look....

And I know that all of you who have been true followers, will appreciate the newness of this build, it just goes to show the creativity , and the dedication, to make her customers Happy, and you will NOT be dissapointed.... There is also a NEW FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE gown up for grabs as well.... Check out this wonderful Red gown.... Freeeee.. here at the new Build... Interested yet?
Well, come on in and have a look around, check out the new Build, and if you ahppen to see her, as she's quite busy today tiding up.. hehehehehehe Say hello to Mairead.... Let her know you read this here.. Have fun ya'll.. And enjoy the new build and the freebie gown ..... Its exquisite , as is all her work ....and the wonderful work of her darling sister too.....


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