Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Prim & Pixel Hunt Goodies

Hey all.. One of My favorite places has a whole bunch of wonderful hunt goodies, for you all to find ....

copied from the notecard I recieved from Prim &Pixel::::

Okay hold on tight.. a whirlwind of loving coming your way...........
I am participating in a lot of grid wide hunts for the remainder of the year and FOUR, count em FOUR begin tomorrow.They are OUT and ready to be found. All PPP hunts items are located within the main building.
Here are my offerings...

ADDICTION HUNT - September 1 thru 30 - Smexy chocolate brown thigh high dress with shoes.

Demonology Hunt 9/1-9/15 Unisex Jacket, Shirt, Belt,Pants,Boots

Twisted Hunt 9/1-9/30 Skin, Eyes, HairFreaky

Fall Hunt 9/1-9/30 Horns, Whip, Croixe

This outfit is being divided up amongst three hunt packages as indicated above. It's leather, chainmail, tattered dark wools embellished with skulls here and there. Raven black gnarly hair, demonicly red skin and evil eyes.

SEPTEMBER 2009 PICK REWARD (YES IT IS OUT!!! 2cd Floor Main Building)๔€€ ๔€€Check the 2cd floor pick rewards while you are on your hunts. :)This princess style wedding gown is it! It's a lovely mix of satins, sheer chiffons, pearl beadwork, laces and mounds of calla lilies. Dress/Gloves - Prim & Pixel ParadiseEarrings - Prim & Pixel ParadiseBouquets - Prm & Pixel ParadiseShoes - Prim & Pixel ParadisePose (bouquet) - Prim & Pixel Paradise

This wedding ensemble includes a pearled bodice, pants, prim sleeves and gloves edged in lace.
It has 2 full cathedral skirts, one more formal for the ceremony and one a tad less formal for the reception to facilitate dancing.
There are 3 veils included, a shoulder length back veil, 2 long viels (one is open in front and one is closed).
There are matching lacey pumps to match the dress.
I've created a long formal bouquet of calla lilies in a mix of both image and sculpties. Also included are 7 calla lily Boutonnieres for the gentlemen & 6 bridesmaid bouquets for your wedding party so you don't go mad trying to match them up. All the bouquets have a built in hold animation.

if you have PPP as a PICK in your profile it is a gift to you thru the Pick Reward board on the 2cd floor of my shop. If not, it will be available at 50% off as an introductory price.

Happy Hunting everyone, and If you do Not have PPP in your Profile Pics Yet, make sure you get them in ther .. The gifts alone are worth it, and Mairead is the Best....... Kissses all....


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