Friday, September 11, 2009

Snatching it Up

Hey ya'll... Just thought i would drop you all this little line to let you all know that ther are some wonderful goodies here at Snatch.. And this Very First one you have to Fish for.. And Since I got a pole a long time ago, I think I just might sit a spell and fish for this one piece by piece,.. heheheh.. And if this what you chose to do, then I hope you ahve fun as well doing it.. I will;.. heheheheheheh

The tattoo can be found on the table in the Box by the couches.. FREEEEEEEEEEEEEe

And the rest of these pics and gifts can be found in the huge sign/ box on the wall........Its by the Tv on the upper floor.. Go to the Tp sign on the first floor as you tp in, and find Freebies/ clearance and then tp up... You cant miss the tv.. look arounf the Tv, for this sign, then click on it to recieve all these freeeeeee goodies and more... over 1000 Freeeeee things inside..... So what you see is only a sample of what you get, .....skins, textures, and many more items, slippers, and a whole bunch of wearables... wings, furniture, and more...... come grab it and see for yourselves..... its freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
*********Other things you need to know.... in pic 3.. and pic 8 is .. hair from Alli & Ali.. was freeeee on an MM Board.......
Hair from Pic 6 the red curly hair, was given to me by a friend, not sure where it originated from, but if you want it just send me a notecard, and its yours FREEEEEEEEEEEEE....., the other hairs in the rest of the pics is free as well, just Im me if you want them too.... Cause again, I am NOt sure where they came from, but I have a box full of freebies hair sent to me by a friend.....

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