Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Papillion's Hunt Goodies

Here are some short Blogs before I have to finish Packing and head out the door all.. I got up a lttle earlier than normal just to blog these for you.. So starting here at Papillion's, you can find 3 more Wonderful Hunt items..... FREEEEEEEEEEE

First up, find the red Angel, from the Diversity Hunt, and get this very stunning purple gown.. FREEEEEEE.. Diversity Red #11.....,

Next up comes the Freaky Fall Hunt gift, find the pumpkin in store, and get this.... Sexy With Costume... Freaky Pumpkin #192

And the Gift from the Steam Hunt.. Find the rotating gear , and get this sexy Charcoal outfit FREEEEEEEEEE...

And if you also find the Hearts from the Mother Daughter hunt, #98 on the list,, You c an pick up this gorgeous Chardonay Gown for FREEEEEEEEEE


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