Sunday, July 12, 2009

Je Republic goodness

Hi ther again all... This is my last post of the night .. heheheheheh As I am off to bed, and still trying to get the little one to sleep as wel.. guess he'll have to come with me up to bed, .. heheheh Anyway.... Here at JE Republic, The Cinderella sexy slipper gift #30 is HOTTTTTTTTTTT.. and comes with the purse.. and let me say.. It's sexyyyyyyy.. hehehehehe (hint...... its on the bottem floor....... tucked away.. hehehehe )

And if you feel like wandering around after searching for it... Check up the stairs, ther you will find an awsome freebie, a cute pink tank..... FREEEEEEEE..

as well as a few really cool dollarbies .. So good luck and you all have a wonderful night....... All pis below are only 1L each


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