Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lutricia's Luxuries

Hello again all you wonderful readers.. heheheh Good morning.. Hope you all had a good night's sleep.. I feel ested, and I am ready to PArty.. heheh Shopping party for FREEEEEEEbies that is.. And I found some good ones while still searching for the lost slipper that Cinderella lost.. heheheheheh She must get some chains to attatch to her shoes, and her feet.. heheheh She has lost sooooo mnay slippers, that I have lost my mind.. hehehehh No really.. At least Im luving the hunt...... Which brings us here to Lutricia's Luxuries.. , where upstairs you can find this awsome pair of shoes on the MM BOard............

Or all these wonderful freebies just sitting on the floor waiting for someone to come and take them home.... heheheheheheh..

And we have the slipper gift.. #47

and make sure to check out the lucky chair tucked away in the corner of upstairs, where you can find this cool pair of shoes....... FREEEEEEEEEEE.. feeling lucky today ?


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