Monday, July 13, 2009

The Gift Horse.

Good morning all you wonderful Readers.. Hope you all had a good night's sleep.. Because it's gonna be another busy one here today .. heheheheh .. We are starting off here at The Gift Horse, looking for the slipper that Cinderella lost .. and Let me show you what I found.... First we have this very sexy black leather tutu in the lucky chair outside one of the stores..... very very sexy, and free.. If you feel like standing around waiting to get lucky....... Or you can also buy it from the RFL Vendor insie for 250...L which again it will go for a worthy cause....

Or you can grab this really cute tiny Easter basket in the TINY lucky chair.... FREEEEE

And last but not least.. We have the Slipper gift #34, whick is a really awsome wearable make up vanity.. How cute is this ? FReeeeeee for you.. Just find the slipper....(hint...It's pink, and it hinds behind a wind maker.. )

also make sure to snag this FREEEEEEEEEEEE bandana..... found in 2 differnt spots one inside and one outside the stores....


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