Sunday, July 12, 2009

Angels among us

Ok.. This is the last post I do for the day, As I have tons of things I still need to get done....... But if I get them done on time I will glady be back on and bring more goodness your way .. So I hop e you all enjoy .. We are here at Angel's Designs, and I am standing in front of lucky chairs with some really great things in them.. Here are a few.. The times look to be at 20 minute intervals .. but I am also here looking for the Lost slipper.. hehehehehehe .

Also there is one sassy looking outfit in the Lucky Board next to the chairs.. that I thought you all would like to see.....

and then we have this cute outfit for the ladies from the Slipper hunt.. ther is a outfit for the men as well included, so ladies bring your men........its FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

And last but Not least for Today.. I checked out the MM Boards in the store, but both were already locked down , so I guess I will have to try again in the morning , becasue these outfits are smoking.............

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