Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sexiness at GL

Hey ther agian everyone.. Im full of wonderful goodies for you today , and I cant seem to get enough of it.. heheh I just keep going from place to place, and I finsd something Fabulous everytime I pop into someplace new.. So Here I am bringing you some wonderful FREEEEEEEEEEEEEbies here at Gl.......... Starting off with the illusive slipper hunt gift # 24.. woot. and its amazing.. with 2 different skirt and pants options.. woot.. I love it....(hint.. The slipper is downstairs on the first floor.. Keep your eyes to the ground.....)

Then we have some great goodies on the lucky chair, it changes every 5 minutes and ther are a lot of wild cards.. because I won 2 times on wild cards while I was ther, and my letter came up once.. So i got lucky 3 times in 20 minutes.. heheheh Not bad in a days work huh ?

Then dont forget to check out the lucky board

And make sure to slap the MM BOArd, for this fat pack os sexy silks.... 50 slaps needed, in order to get the goods .....


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