Thursday, July 30, 2009

Around Town

Well, I hope today will NOT be as busy of a day as it was for me yesterday in Rl.. heheheheheh Anyway.. Lets get styarted on these wonderful goodies for you today ....... I logged on this morn, and got this really cool notice about the newest Dollarbie here at Prism Haute Couture, and I had to run over and grab it while I could .. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh... This sexy outfit comes with everything you see here, well Not the hair or the skin, but the clothese that you see.,.... 1L So hurry on in and grab it while you can...........

And Since I was already in the area, I just walked down the Street to the Fashion District, and decided to check out the lucky chairs outside the Glam Couture store.. So come and check them out


Next Stop is Pocket Mirrors for the awsome hair of the week, this time for Guys and one for the girls..... well its unisex actually...... So make sure to grab your other half(if their is one available, ) or friends, and grab these beauties while you can.. Woot.. HAir today gone tomorrow. heheheh I just made funny...... LMAO .. Sorry.. Im in a great mood today.. How about you?1L each

LAst for right now, is She's So Unusual Shoes, where you can get this really cool pair of shoes for free , Just slap the Mm Board, and they can be yours by midnight tonight......

Also a free pair of NOOB slippers in the entry way FREEEEEEEEEEE, these are really cute and really funny.... I had to have them.. heheheheheheheh


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