Thursday, January 29, 2009

Convoitise Goodies..

Good morning everyone.. Have you ever had one of those days that when u wake up , you are just in a very foul mood.. And cant seem to shake it? Well today thats me.. heheheh But Im off scourign the grid for some great freebies and dollarbies for you hoping to cheer myself up with that Perfect find.....

My first attempt today was going through all of my Lm's to see where they would take me and see what I could find..... I just happened to pick Convoitise first, And I was glad that I did...... YEAHHHHHHHH..

If you join the Subscribo, you get this great black sexy jean outfit, w/ belt and shirt FREEEE

And if you happen to look around, you can find these 4 FREEEEEbies on the counter to the left...

On the right side you can also find 3 Dollarbies.. 2 for the ladies, and one for the Guys...\

And a 5L Butterfly gown in black ... Also very nice.....(not pictured , as with the guys 1L outfit)


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